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Staff Trax

Nostalgia is a Pipe Dream

Although I love history, I am beginning to learn that nostalgia is a pipe dream. When we select idealized memories to fit the current narrative of our lives, we risk oversimplifying the challenges, struggles, and complexities of the past.

Reflecting on the powerful lure of nostalgia, Brené Brown, professor, author, and podcaster, says that when we compare the “good old days” to today,…

Farewell, Salem!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With a heart filled with mixed emotions, I write this farewell message for my last Staff Trax as the nursery coordinator at Salem to express my deep gratitude and affection as I prepare to embark on my new chapter of my journey as I travel down to Manhattan, Kansas, to do what I love to do best, which is getting ready to teach and guide our youth of our…

A Risk of Faith

The Gospel for this Sunday (Mark 5:21-43) tells of two healings that Jesus performed on females. Besides having this in common, both the unnamed woman who had a hemorrhage and Jairus, father of the girl who was near death, risked a lot to come to ask Jesus for his healing touch. Jesus also risked a lot, by having contact with two people considered unclean by Jewish laws in the Old Testament.

God’s Love and Grace

In today's world, where we have distractions and challenges throughout our day, we find comfort in the knowing of God's love and grace, as Jesus reminds us in Matthew 10:24-39. Amid the noise and trials of modern life, God's love stands as an anchor, assuring us that He is always aware of our struggles and deeply values each one of us. His grace, freely given, is sufficient to sustain us through…

Your Kingdom Come

After reading this Sunday’s gospel lesson, I’ve been thinking about how many different ways we are growing God’s kingdom. In Mark 4, Jesus talks about scattering the tiniest mustard seed, which grows into a large plant and provides a home for others in its shade. I love that picture of sharing our faith for so many reasons: we may feel that it’s small, but we share it anyway. As we send…

Theology in the Doing

“To say that we are one in Christ is more than a pious platitude,” writes Michael Casey. “It is a mandate that we are called to make a reality.”

Only unity seems almost impossible these days, doesn’t it? Our world is coming apart at the seams. Wars rage, people seem more interested in shouting at one another instead of listening for understanding, societal ills continue to grow,…

Come. Be Changed. Change the World.

Wow! I am amazed by how many congratulations and how much support I have received over the past few years and these past couple, and with good reason.

When I pulled up to Salem for the first time, I never knew that I would meet so many great new people.

From being confirmed, to reading my statement of faith, to us leaving Lenexa to move to the current worship space in Overland Park,…

Sad Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Springtime brings forth change every year. Everything is new, bright, and warm. Color is everywhere. We feel motivated to change or organize. Maybe spruce things up. We have the anticipation that summer will be upon us very soon.

This week marked my last week of employment at Salem. I will miss this church and especially the people so much. It is such a close-knit community of people who…

The Holy Spirit Came at Pentecost

This Sunday is Pentecost. We commemorate the birth of the church and wear red.

The Gospel for this Sunday is John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15. We celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, sometimes called the Advocate or Helper.

The disciples were sad that Jesus was leaving, but he tells them not to despair, for he needs to leave so the Advocate can come.

“Nevertheless I tell…

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, as we celebrate remarkable women who have nurtured and shaped our lives, it's important to remember the power of silent prayers. While we openly express gratitude and shower our mothers with love, there's a sanctity in holding certain prayers close to our hearts. Just as a mother's love often goes beyond what is said, our silent prayers carry a depth of emotion and intention that…

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