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Staff Trax

My Gospel Playlist, Part 5

Hello! For this installment, I wanted to rush to the point and share with you all of the gospel songs that I enjoy. Please take time to listen to them, or perhaps add them to your personal listening list.

1. “Power Belongs to God” by Hezekiah Walker (
This selection is by Hezekiah Walker, who is a well-known…

My Gospel Playlist, Part 4

Hello, everyone! I want to take this opportunity not only to present to you three more songs in this series, but also to honor the lovely lady who helps us lift our voices and praises to God, our director of worship, Mrs. Heather Lewis. Myself, Sierra, and Matthew wish you a very happy birthday! We thank you so much for your presence and love each and every week! During this pandemic, we thank you…

My Gospel Playlist, Part 3

Here are this month’s songs that have meaning to me:

  1. “Order My Steps In Your Word” by GMWA Women of Worship” (
  2. “I Just Want to Praise You” by Maurette Brown Clark (
  3. “More Than…

My Gospel Playlist, Part 2

In addition to this month’s songs, I wanted to personally take some time to thank Pastor Cynthia for serving as Interim Pastor during this uniquely challenging time. Thank you for caring for and about myself and my family during this pandemic; I will never forget your kind and loving care. Lastly, as we celebrate the coming pastorate of Pastor Jon, we celebrate the work and focus that will always…

My Gospel Playlist

Hello, Salem! I have served as your organist for a year and a half now, and I must confess it has been a learning curve with all the liturgy and new hymns that I have had the pleasure of learning. In consideration of that process, I have grown to love and appreciate liturgy, and the liturgical worship style.

As I thought about what I could write for this year, I wanted to share with you…

What a Year It Has Been

Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

What a year it has been — 2020 has solidified itself as a year of events. Some years pass by with ease, while others seem to have us count down to the end of the year.

This psalm has been on my mind every single time bad news or good news has unveiled itself…


As I compose this Staff Trax, I have nothing about the organ that comes to mind, nor any Bible verse that the Lord has impressed on my heart. However, there is one word that I cannot shake, and that word has been “change.”

Salem family, this…

My Favorite Songs to Play and Listen to

We have talked so very much about the organ; let me talk about the sounds we derive from the organ. I love organ music. I am that person that can enjoy listening to organ music for hours on end. Over the years, I have learned that organ music requires a hearty appreciation.

This week, I want to share with you some of my favorite organ pieces; you are encouraged to Google them and listen:…

More Information about Pipes

On the piano, you are only able to sound one note at a time. The organ is vastly different. By playing one note, I can play upwards of 3-6 notes at the same time, depending on the stops and couplings.

As mentioned before, the organ pipes are divided into two categories: flues and reeds. The flues are divided into a few sound descriptions. First, the principal voices, which are not…

Pipes vs. Speaker

Remember when electric cars became popular, and they added a feature that alluded many consumers? No? They purposefully added artificial engine noises to the vehicles. This was added for safety purposes. Still, it was added because we are naturally used to hearing the sound of an engine revved as we hum along our way.

Well, what if I told you that our very own organ has tricks up her sleeves.…

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