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With Patience Joy Will Come

It has been an interesting 2021. When will things get back to how they were and we can continue where we left off? Time always tells, and patience is what we will need from here on out.

The three readings for today all speak of what joys will come for those who followed Jesus — through the tough times, the sick, the weeping of sorrow, the blind, and many others.

We all have gone…

God’s Work. Our Hands.

September 12, 2021. This day is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America — one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor.

“God’s work. Our hands.” One can interpret that in so many ways, and for myself, when I first read the quote, I felt it means to help one another, which could be helping out at church, helping in the community,…

The Wrong Place, the Wrong Time

I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. We’ve all heard that phrase when we were growing up, or we would hear from our parents, “If you hang around trouble, you’re going to get into trouble.” Well, I heard both plenty of times. I know my younger brother heard it more than I did, and that didn’t seem to bother him. He still hung around trouble. I’m not sure why; was it more fun?

Planting Seeds

This Sunday’s Gospel (Mark 4:26-34) talks about the kingdom of God being like spreading seed to one day rise and produce itself to harvest, and that the seed knows what to do, whether it be a grain to feed many or a shrub so birds can build nests.

Last week I went up to see my mom and family. My mom and I talked and got caught up with little things. We mostly went over a to-do list she…

It's Springtime

It’s springtime! The winter seemed longer this year; I imagine it snowing last week didn't help either. The flowers and trees are blooming, lawns are being cut, and seeing people outdoors is always nice.

This week’s Gospel (John 15:1-8) is about taking care of the vine and its branches and keeping it healthy by pruning, removing dead branches so it can bear more fruit. It fits this…

Something Completely Different

This weekend is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. What a perfect time to reflect on what people thought as Jesus is riding into town hoping he will change everything. That he will restore the kingdom and free them from Roman rule. What a celebration that was.

Thinking back to those times when circumstances looked one way but turned out to be something entirely different: A year…

Should We Call This the Lent of 2020?

I hope all of you are safe and staying warm and healthy. Lent already? Some days (in fact, most days) I feel like 2020 was the year of giving up something — no weddings, birthdays, hospital visits, school, funerals, and, for the most part, one’s job — hoping it will get better each month, will I have a job, will my family be okay, or am I even going to be able to see my family. I struggled…

Christmas 2020

'Tis the season for families getting together exchanging gifts, reflecting on the year, and spending time with each other listening to old Christmas songs. That’s what I remember. Oh, those were the days. It was just a year ago, I was in Omaha spending Christmas week with my mom and dad. We talked about us kids growing up and coming downstairs at the break of dawn with excitement of what gifts…

Thanksgiving 2020

We are almost to the end of 2020, a season usually filled with joyful anticipation as the year ends with family and friends during the holidays. This year, however, will likely be spent by most alone — or at least celebrating with very few — at their homes. However the holidays are spent, this is certainly a year that we will remember always, finding us even more thankful than usual for what…

Weekend Getaway, Zoom Style

I recently participated in a Zoom spiritual gathering this past weekend. It was supposed to be in Wichita. It would have been nice to meet new people, but it was still a great experience. Changing it to a Zoom gave people all over the world a chance to also attend, so there were people from Canada to London, as well as from Florida to California, and in between.

The gathering started…

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