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My Faith Story

When I think about what faith means to me, I sometimes don’t know what I’m going to write about. One of the powerful quotes that I always use when I talk about my faith is, “We are called to encourage, enlighten, and empower each other because we are all unique and different.”

The Bible verse I chose to talk about my faith is Joshua 1:9, and it states, “I hereby command you: Be…

How Will I Be Remembered?

I have served about four months as the nursery coordinator for Salem Lutheran Church. I was excited when I began working with the staff. I have been involved in so much at Salem over the years and wanted to take a new step into a new journey. I brought new ideas to Salem that were just suggestions but could be chosen.

When the pandemic brought changes to our lives in 2020, I started to step…

The Grieving Journey of a Loved One’s Loss

I find it hard to believe that 2024 is already here. We all experience that feeling when we lose a loved one. Do you ever think about how that may change your life? We all change emotionally, but we also change mentally, as well.

I have had experience with this when I lost my grandfather, Jack Ussery. I remember how I found out my grandpa died. Not in very much detail, but I think my brain…

Hello, Salem Family!

My name is Luke Carr, and I am the new nursery coordinator at Salem. I have several years of experience working in the church nursery and with the youth. I have spent all those years here at Salem. I have been involved with the nursery, VBS, Sunday school, and more. I enjoy the youth in our church environment, as I have loved it since I first started.

I was born and raised here in Kansas.…