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Palms to Passion

The great dichotomy Sunday is upon us: where we begin with Hosannas and celebration and quickly move to the story of Christ’s passion and betrayal. Holy Week continues as we show Christ’s love by serving each other on Maundy Thursday and contemplate His sacrifice with beautiful music in the Good Friday Tenebrae service.

I love the word dichotomy: it is a contrast between two things, or the partition of a whole into two parts. Jesus rides into Jerusalem as our King, and then fulfills his mission by sacrificing Himself for our sins. On Palm Sunday, the same crowd who shouts “Save us, Lord!” soon after shouts “Crucify Him!” It is the culmination of the division between those who desperately wanted a king and those who thought Jesus was using blasphemy to change religious law. And really, wasn’t that Jesus’ whole mission? He was our King, but also our sacrificial Lamb.

I know Holy Week is confusing and filled with emotion, and for that reason I hope you embrace it. I invite you to join us at Salem as we walk to Jerusalem with Christ and prepare for His victory.

In His love,
Heather Lewis
Director of Music and Worship

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