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Listen to Him!

How many times do teachers and parents find themselves saying, “Are you listening to me?!” I remember my uncle giving directions to his five kids, and when they didn’t respond he’d raise his voice and say, “Acknowledge!” My cousins told me later that they had no idea what that word meant, except to say “OK, Dad!” after he said it.

This week we wrap up the season of Epiphany with one of the most miraculous moments in Jesus’ ministry, His transfiguration. This is a confusing story, with Jesus becoming dazzling white, standing on the mountain with God’s prophets who died long before, His terrified disciples being told by God that Jesus is His Son and they should listen to Him. And then, when it’s over, Jesus tells them not to say anything to anyone!

Epiphany is the season where we celebrate Jesus being revealed to us in the world. Since the beginning of January, we have traveled with Jesus as he began his ministry — His baptism, calling His disciples, miracles of physical and mental healing for His people. During Lent we will experience Jesus’ humanity — His temptation in the wilderness, His anger at the money changers in the temple, the passion scriptures.

But on Sunday, Jesus moves beyond his humanity to the divine. Sometimes I feel like God decided we needed to be knocked over the head with the good news with Jesus’ transfiguration, since even His own disciples still didn’t really understand who He was!

As we transition from Epiphany to Lent, may we acknowledge that Jesus was with us in our humanity, understanding our own temptation and emotions, but also as our divine Savior. As we continue on our own faith journeys, may we listen to His teachings, and continue to spread His love to each other and the world.

In Christ’s love,
Heather Lewis
Director of Music and Worship

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