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Healing Prayers

When we pray for someone who is sick or gravely ill, it feels different than when we speak to God in our prayers every day. We may be asking for a miracle or for comfort and peace. We may feel that we are completely surrendering ourselves to God as we ask for healing for someone we care about. We ask God to give the doctors the knowledge to heal, or we may say to God that if it is in your will to heal this person, we would be so thankful. We may also tell God in our prayer that we will do better at something if he provides healing for our loved one. It is a type of desperation conversation that we have. We may be asking for forgiveness along with healing for our loved one.

When we focus on prayer during challenging times, it can provide us with comfort and hope. When the person in need can hear those prayers, they can actually feel physical and emotional healing. This has been proven by people who do not even believe in prayer.

Prayers for healing are a large part of the Christian faith, trusting in the power of prayer and faith in God to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Healing prayers are used in many denominations and are offered in an individual or communal setting.

Prayer for healing is especially important for someone who is suffering. As Christians we know that God hears all our prayers. The more we send, the better. The person receiving the prayers as well as the person sending the prayer benefits from God’s love and compassion.

Laura Cooper
Salem Office Administrator

Tags: Weekly Word