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Hello, Salem Family!

My name is Luke Carr, and I am the new nursery coordinator at Salem. I have several years of experience working in the church nursery and with the youth. I have spent all those years here at Salem. I have been involved with the nursery, VBS, Sunday school, and more. I enjoy the youth in our church environment, as I have loved it since I first started.

I was born and raised here in Kansas. I lived in Shawnee from birth until 2019, when my family moved to Bonner Springs, and have lived there ever since. I have gone to school in Bonner Springs, as my mother has been a teacher there since 2001. I live with my parents, Kelli and Mike; my two siblings, Ashton and Maddie; and my dog, Maggie. I have lived in Kansas and have gone to Salem all my life, and I love it here beyond a doubt! I wouldn’t leave this church AT ALL unless it was for a good and powerful reason that was making a life decision, which I know will never happen. :-)

When I decided to first be involved with the youth, I felt God calling me to make that my passion. I first helped with the littles in the nursery when we were under a big and life-changing time, and it seemed like a good time to make some changes to help out the church in a positive way. I was not sure how long this could last, but I took it day by day, and one day I was asked if I thought I'd be a good fit for the nursery coordinator job at Salem. It showed me that I have been watched by so many others and they speak highly of me, which is life-changing. I also felt that I could share the knowledge that I have been taught to teach our youth at Salem.

I felt comfortable and that this was a big, life-changing event for me. It feels so surreal to me. I think this is where I am meant to be and where God has led me. I think it is important to listen to God’s voice and guidance. Sometimes I don’t feel that I should, but it is all worth it no matter what.

I plan on graduating from Bonner Springs High School as a part of the class of 2024 this spring. I then plan to attend Kansas State University to major in secondary education with an emphasis in social studies and a minor in leadership studies. This is the right path for me, and I know it is going to be for the best. God bless!

Luke Carr
Salem Nursery Coordinator

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