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Talents Are for Connecting

I’ve been a worship director since August 1997. I served almost 12 years in a Methodist church in Overland Park, then went back to my Presbyterian home church in Leavenworth for a few years, and now I am in year 14 at Salem. If you look at my job description, you’ll see things like planning worship, coordinating musicians and volunteers, directing choirs, and selecting hymns and praise songs. These are all things I love to do, but I think there’s something more important than providing music in worship on Sunday morning…

Connecting! With God, with each other, with our own personal faith. You help me decide what songs we’ll sing in worship by telling me stories of how those songs have strengthened your faith. We’re singing “Oceans” in the late service this Sunday, which Bob told me he wanted us to sing after hearing it at another church. Weeks later, when Dave was practicing “Oceans” on his guitar, his granddaughter started singing it with her sweet little voice.

Many adults help lead our kids in Sunday school and the nursery. Connecting the generations is an amazing gift a church family provides, and I know our children and youth are stronger and more confident in their faith as they are encouraged by all of you.

Danlei is our wonderful new pianist in the traditional service. Her first experience ever playing in a church was with us this August at Lenexa UMC. She plays familiar hymns before we begin worship, during the offering, and as we leave — and I hear you humming and singing along. Connection!

However you connect when you’re with your church family — during Sunday school, singing in choir, chatting over coffee, serving others, playing bingo or mini golf, digging into scripture — these are talents you are providing to each other. When you share them, they multiply.

In Christ’s love,
Heather Lewis
Director of Music and Worship

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