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Football Lessons

The weather has cooled significantly, and the leaves have changed. We are also in the middle of football season. I know that not all of us are interested in football, and that is just fine. We all have different interests in life. I just happen to be very focused on football. I have learned the game, which has helped, and I really enjoy watching it. However, I also feel guilty about the time and effort it consumes in my life from September to February. The good thing is that my family feels the same way about it that I do.

This year I have been looking at our football weekends from a different perspective. It does involve a lot of planning during the week. Are we hosting at my house (which we normally do)? What food are we serving and who is going to bring the main course, etc. This activity brings my family together every weekend. We share a meal and great conversation. Sometimes we argue a bit, but it is all in good fun.

This year we have added additional people to our group. People who don’t have anyone to watch the games with. Friends from out of town who are visiting for a few weeks. A newly widowed neighbor. A family from India who just recently moved to the house next door to us.

Some of these new guests understand football and some come over for the conversation. What matters the most is sharing a meal with a diverse group of people that enjoy being together. Our group changes almost weekly now. Our grown children bring people that they have invited. We always seem to have enough food to feed everyone.

I feel the Holy Spirit moving through all of us each time we come together to watch the KC Chiefs play their games — all of us clapping, yelling, and jumping up and down.

Just like a football team must operate together to be successful, I feel the same way with our group. We plan each week to bring people to our homes, welcome them with a meal and friendship, and then do it again the next week. We wouldn’t be able to pull it off if we didn’t work together to make it happen.

Each weekend I look around at all these people and I think that this must be one of those God moments that came together so perfectly.

Happy fall!

Laura Cooper
Salem Office Administrator

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