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Connections to Our Mother

Mother’s Day is a holiday that gives us all kinds of memories and feelings. We think of our childhood and how we celebrated our mother. The images may be filled with homemade necklaces or handmade cards filled with glitter … perhaps flowers from our yard or special family meals. This day may also feel complicated. It can be a holiday that stirs up hard emotions, grief, and conflict. Some of us may have struggled with relations with our mother in the past, or perhaps we are mothers ourselves and second guess our mothering skills.

On this day we celebrate the mothers who gave birth to us, adopted us, or stood in our mother’s place and raised us. Those of us that are mothers should take this time to reflect and relax a bit if possible. We can be so hard on ourselves for the smallest things. Our children know that we love them, and that’s all that matters.

Mothers have assisted with our growth and have been a part of molding us into the person we have become. Even though mothering changes as we age, our children still need us in different ways.

I lost my mother 18 years ago, and I still miss her. Thoughts of her run through my mind almost daily. When I am troubled about something, my mind goes to her and how she would handle a situation. Her wisdom will always be with me for the rest of my life. I like to think that she is somehow watching over me.

Having faith in God is essential as we journey through motherhood. God walks beside us and supports us during the highs and lows. He keeps us strong when we must stand up for our children. He gives us wisdom when we are trying to make tough decisions. God is our guide, and we follow Him with love and joy, which is reflected in our children. Without God I can’t imagine parenting my two children in this life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Laura Cooper
Salem Office Administrator

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