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Stop and Listen

When was the last time you saw a burning bush speak to you? Well, maybe not that dramatic. When was the last time you spent some quiet time in prayer, listening?

The scriptures give us many miraculous ways that God has come and called God’s people. While those Biblical signs of God’s call are amazing, maybe the ways God calls us these days are even more amazing. Maybe it’s not a booming voice you want to hear, but instead through the people we surround ourselves with in community.

It might not always be as clear as a burning bush, but God is calling you through the voices of others, through the silent and still moments of prayer, and through the hurts and pains of the world.

Be aware of your surroundings each day, people you talk to, people you run into for no particular reason that need prayer, comfort, someone to listen. God is everywhere, and God is in us all. Stop and listen.

Rob Garza
Salem custodian and certified personal trainer at DROM Fitness

Tags: Weekly Word