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God Moments During Lent

Take some time this week to think about the season of Lent. For some people it can feel dark and sad, and yet we should remember that our faith in God and His love for each of us is so important during this time.

Pay attention to God’s presence in your life. This will look a little different to each of us. We may notice it when we are at peace or when we are happy. We feel the love in a hug from a family member, and we know this is how God loves each of us. We may see it in the actions of someone else. We could also see it in the dark and scary times in our lives, but we know God is with us. Each of us has a story of God in our lives — too many stories to tell, I am sure.

Keeping a journal of God moments is a way of communicating your feelings. You can keep this journal for yourself or share it with others. Maybe you can even start a family journal where everyone shares their thoughts during Lent. This would be a great way for children to be involved. You can read this year’s journal next year when you are ready to start a new one. How amazing it will be to go back and think about those God moments from previous years!

As you continue through Lent this season, open your heart to God’s mercy and love. Put all your trust in Him and share His love with others.

Laura Cooper
Salem Office Administrator

Tags: Weekly Word