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Giving is a Blessing

The best part of the Christmas season is giving to others. I think most everyone agrees with that statement. Even small children that love to receive gifts at Christmas still get excited when they can shop for a gift for a family member like a parent or grandparent. When we adopt a family or provide a gift to one person in need it makes us feel good inside. We are doing something good for someone else. We are following the teachings of Jesus.

The best part is seeing a person receive your gift, but most of the time that is not possible, so instead you think about the recipient of your gift. Perhaps a child receiving a new bike or a warm coat. Or maybe an entire family sitting down to a beautifully prepared Christmas meal with all the trimmings. You think about how they must feel inside. Relief, joy, blessed, and grateful.

I find now that my wishes for Christmas are not material. I want to give gifts to others. That includes family and friends. It is more fun to watch someone open something that you spent time choosing just for them. It is even better to provide gifts for people in need.

Giving is a blessing. It is not just for Christmas. We should try to do it all year. It connects us to God and fills our hearts with true joy.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Laura Cooper
Salem Office Administrator

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