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Worshipping Anytime, Anywhere

If anything good has come out of the pandemic, it is the ability to worship anytime, anywhere. Prior to March 2020, for most churches, if you were not able to attend worship on a Sunday, you missed it.

In March 2020, churches shut their doors rather abruptly and had to come up with innovative ways to worship, not only on Sundays but for Easter, Christmas, and other major holidays. Prior to that time, many churches offered online services, but not to the extent that it is today.

More than 2.5 years later, those services are still going strong. You can travel for holidays or vacation and not miss your home church’s service.

Another benefit to online services is that you can share milestones with friends and family who are far away. They can watch things such as baptisms, confirmation, and first communion even if they are not able to travel to be there in person. They don’t have to miss out on these big events in their loved ones’ lives.

For decades, people have always thought of the church as a building. Having to switch to online worship has shown people that church is more than just a physical structure.

Shari Van Baale
Salem Communications Coordinator

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