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House of Worship

Worshipping in church used to be the most common place to express our glory to God. When we mentioned church, we meant that on Sunday we would get in the car and go to church. If we were lucky enough to live close by, we would walk to worship.

This changed suddenly when the pandemic hit. People began worshipping from home to stay safe. However, there was always something missing from watching the worship service at home. The element of worshipping as a community is comforting and brings us closer together as human beings. On the other hand, it was good to feel that you could worship every week. The church service was just a click away. It was easy, and during those times it was beneficial, and it still is for many people.

I am glad that we are starting to come together again in church, to not only worship together but to check on each other, have eye-to-eye contact. When we sing and pray together, we connect, and the Holy Spirit works through us.

We live our lives all week like we are running on a battery. Ups and downs regulate how much we run down that battery. Sickness takes a lot of power from us. Stress, work, and family can also drain the life. That is why we need to worship on Sunday to recharge our life battery, to be ready to start the next week on a positive note.

When we are in a close church family and know each other, relationships are woven together. People support each other through the good times and bad times in life. It is a well-known fact that people have improved mental health when they are part of a faith community.

As our world continues to change, our faith needs to remain constant. We need to connect with God and each other as committed Christians.

Laura Cooper
Salem Office Administrator

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