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How Do You Describe Your Faith?

I have a dear friend who didn’t grow up in the church and decided to read the Bible to figure out his faith. I regret not suggesting he start with the New Testament and then go back to the Old — he got so bogged down by all of the laws and stories of God’s wrath that he never got to the stories of Jesus and God’s love and mercy. Much later we both went through a very difficult time, and he asked me how I was at peace. All I could think of was that I knew God was in control, and I let Him handle it. I wish I could have thought of my own faith statement at that moment, but it’s certainly hard to put into words, isn’t it?

One of the many things I love about Salem is how we guide our children from their baptism through confirmation — not just parents and sponsors, but the whole congregation! We put a Story Bible in their hands when they begin Sunday school; we show them how to use the Bible and encourage them to assist in worship when they’re in elementary school; they go to camp and “take a walk in their faith” during confirmation in middle school; and then share their faith statements with us right before they’re confirmed in high school. I love looking back at the pictures of each confirmation class growing up at Salem! Only one of my kids was baptized here, but all three of them have been walking on these amazing faith journeys with our loving Salem family.

This Sunday you will hear thoroughly real and vulnerable faith statements from the six awesome youth in our confirmation class. I am so thankful for the multiple pastors who have guided their journey, the countless adult volunteers in Sunday school and during hang nights and events, and the encouraging and caring church family who have brought them to this point in their faith. I can’t wait to have my own faith encouraged as they boldly state their beliefs.

In Christ’s love,
Heather Lewis
Director of Worship and Music

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