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Prayer Time

Do you pray at a specific time during the day? Some people pray many times throughout the day, and others specify a certain time to pray.

Morning Prayers: People who pray in the morning feel good about starting their day off right. They look at prayer as a way to navigate their daily priorities. They ask God to help them manage their actions and speech. They may ask God for strength to handle a difficult day ahead. I have friends who get out of bed and go straight to their knees in prayer.

Noon Prayers: People who pray at noon usually pray over a meal and then extend that prayer to get them through the remainder of the day. Perhaps it is a time to stop and rest for a few minutes because the morning has been hectic. They may ask God for extra mental and spiritual energy. They also may need the morning to think about what they need to discuss with God for that day.

Night Prayers: People who pray at night end their day with prayers. They may discuss daily matters with God and ask Him for advice. Some people cannot sleep unless they have prayed first. As children, we learned to say our prayers before bed. However, as adults we have learned that any time of the day is a good time to talk to God. We are so blessed to have the ability to talk to our Heavenly Father at any time, a silent private prayer to our maker that no one else can hear.

It does not matter when we pray. We do what feels best for us. God knows this and always listens to our thoughts. I had a friend tell me years ago not to explain to God about the details of our problems because God already knows. I start off my prayers sometimes by saying, “God, you know what is troubling me.” He knows everything about every one of us. I take such great comfort in that.

Enjoy these beautiful fall days that God has provided.

Laura Cooper
Salem Office Administrator

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