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Walking with Jesus

Have you ever heard someone say, “The answer is always Jesus?”

Jesus is the answer …

To our problem with sin.
To our separation from God.
To our guilt and our shame.
To our fear and worry.
To hopelessness and despair.
To what our life together as the body of Christ in the world can look like.

Yes, Jesus is the answer.

I was reminded of this often-overlooked reality while reading Pastor Nicolé Raddu Ferry’s Bible study for those who will be attending Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp this summer. To help attendees experience this reality, Pastor Nicolé asks campers and adults to spend day two of camp imagining that Jesus is walking with us, knowing that God’s boundless love is guiding us as we hike through the Colorado mountains.

What a wonderful spiritual practice in the face of so much uncertainty in our lives and in the world. Imagining Jesus walking with us, knowing that God’s boundless love is guiding us along the way.

Though some people may take comfort in the statement that Jesus is the answer, others long for a meaningful encounter with Jesus amid life’s uncertainty and chaos. When we imagine Jesus walking with us, we start to cultivate habits of the mind and heart that experience God in the here and now, amid the ordinary and routine activities of everyday life.

So, my dear partners in ministry, I invite you to pray for the nine of us from Salem who will be attending Rainbow Trail camp next week. Pray that we may experience God’s boundless love in new and meaningful ways. Pray that our relationships with God and with one another may deepen during a week filled with adventure, Bible study, and time spent basking in God’s glorious creation. Then, join us as you imagine Jesus walking with you during the week, encountering Jesus in the people, places, and activities that come your way.

In Christ’s Peace,
Pastor Jon

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