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Hello, Summer!

It seems like summer goes by fast once it officially starts. Of course, if you have lived in the Midwest for a while you know that summer weather usually happens long before summer begins. However, it is still over in a blink of an eye. It is because we anticipate it so much. There is so much to plan into 3-4 months before the weather starts to get cool again and summer activities like swimming…


Many of you might not even be aware, but this past Sunday we celebrated the first new federal holiday since President Reagan added Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in 1983. Until Juneteenth, there had been 10 federal holidays. The fact that the last two new federal holidays honor civil rights shows something about the state of our country today.

When I read the date that MLK’s birthday…

Father’s Day

Sunday is Father’s Day.

This year will be one to remember for myself. My youngest and last to leave for college has affected my life so much in raising her from infant to a young adult.

These past years with all of her activities she has done for years, each one that ended came to an emotional end. Though I didn’t show it during the last game, last team banquet, and last awards,…

Walking with Jesus

Have you ever heard someone say, “The answer is always Jesus?”

Jesus is the answer …

To our problem with sin.
To our separation from God.
To our guilt and our shame.
To our fear and worry.
To hopelessness and despair.
To what our life together as the body of Christ in the world can look like.


Gathered in My Name

I love that our building in Lenexa that houses our staff offices, Pantry Pack, and fellowship area is named “Koinonia Hall.” I remember when we voted on that name, and how very long it took me to remember how to pronounce and spell it!

Did you know that the word fellowship is derived from the Greek word koinonia? Merriam-Webster defines koinonia as “the Christian…