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Poor, Just, Savior

This is the beginning of Holy Week, a week of celebration. Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem, "Behold thy king cometh." (Matthew 21:1–11) "He says with the words, behold, or take notice, he wakes us up from our sleep and unbelief, in that he would announce something great, unusual, remarkable, which had long been desired, and which should be received with joy." (Luther's notes on the Bible)

I hope this has been a life-changing 40 days for everyone. Change is good, though. Things happen that you don't expect to happen, and you grow from it, not to look back and reflect of the changes that took place.

During this time, I experienced changes that I'm still wondering how to adjust to all that is going on. It’s something that has taken awhile to get to and where I want to be, which is exciting, but the person I would go to, my father, is not there to call and ask for advice. Who do I go to then? Someone that has always been there helping me through life is gone.

This has been an adjustment that has been hard for me to get through. I pray every night and every morning for the Lord to guide me through the day and to bless my family, the people I meet, pray for those in need, and to bring me home safely in the evening.

As the days get closer to Easter, I feel through prayer that the Lord has a plan for me and for everyone, and it will be remarkable and life-changing.

Rob Garza
Salem custodian and certified personal trainer at DROM Fitness

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