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Spiritual Practices Primer

After the Lenten service last Wednesday evening, Pastor Jon handed me four pages, front and back, that I have read a few times now as I decide what direction I need to go for my personal growth during this Lenten season. The importance of me taking the different suggestions, creating a plan of action, then carrying them out to the best of my ability is exponential. My hope is that this helps me think more of others and what I can ask for them.

Most meditations that I've done urge me to look inward and the focus is on me and where I need to help myself. The Spiritual Practices Primer that Pastor shared begins with a guide to get you started. (CLICK HERE for a link to that document.) My goal is to focus on "Choices We Make for Developing Our Relationship with God." I grow flat too often in that friendship through a lack of effort to strengthen it.

My prayer as I begin this journey is that God brings me back to a walk with Him that keeps me on a path for the needs of others, and I believe this might be one of my greatest times of growth.

Toni Graham
Nursery Coordinator

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