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Unfailing Light

As we continue through the miraculous stories in the season of Epiphany that reveal Christ to us, I am eagerly anticipating my favorite season in the church year: Lent. Yes, you read that right! Many would prefer skipping the season of Lent, especially those pesky, emotional services during Holy Week, and go straight to the celebration of Easter, but not me. I love turning inward, dwelling in the passion of the characters who stood by (and also betrayed) Jesus as he journeyed to Jerusalem, and encouraging others to feel their faith deeply during the six weeks before His Resurrection.

I also love Salem’s tradition of gathering for midweek services during this beautiful season. During Advent, we worship with Marty Haugen’s Holden Evening Prayer, and this year during Lent we will worship with his equally lovely and meaningful service, Unfailing Light. In Marty’s words, “The Spirit calls us out of time marked by daylight and darkness, measured by clocks and calendars, and gathers us into time welling up from the past, widening toward the future.” He then speaks of a vision from Revelation 22 of the fullness of time, with “Christ making all things new, and the faithful worshipping by the unfailing light of God’s glory.”

We will create space for prayer, lament, and healing, 7:00-7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, March 9 through April 6 at the Baugh-Marshall Chapel. I hope you will join us as we journey through Lent together with Christ, our unfailing Light, as our guide.

Heather Lewis
Director of Worship and Music

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