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Staff Trax

I Miss Church

My family has not been to church in almost two years. It is not because we don’t believe in God, or had a falling out with leadership, or that we don’t like our church anymore, but because of COVID.

Before COVID, we were not casual churchgoers. We attended every week, unless someone was sick or the weather forced us to stay home. My daughter was baptized there, and my kids attended the…

Remember That You Are Dust

Dear Partners in Ministry,

The “bright sadness” of the Lenten season will soon be upon us. Lent, a Christian practice dating to the 4th century, involves a 40-day journey when we “fast before we feast.”

It is a time of mindful preparation, one that the author Martin L. Smith refers to as a “season for the Spirit of truth” that begins with the words, “Remember that you…

Unfailing Light

As we continue through the miraculous stories in the season of Epiphany that reveal Christ to us, I am eagerly anticipating my favorite season in the church year: Lent. Yes, you read that right! Many would prefer skipping the season of Lent, especially those pesky, emotional services during Holy Week, and go straight to the celebration of Easter, but not me. I love turning inward, dwelling in the…

Hello, Salem!

My name is Laura Cooper, and I am the new office administrator at Salem Lutheran Church. I have 20 years of experience working in a church environment. I spent all those years at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood,