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The Power of Prayer

As some of you know, my daughter Katie and her family have been on the prayer list of our church due to her recent diagnosis of lymphoma. It is Stage 3, meaning above and below the abdomen. The good news (if there can be any) is that lymphoma is a much more curable form of cancer. She has her two sisters here, a lot of friends’ support, and me. Mostly grandma support for an 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old little girl. Her husband is of great support and has stepped up mightily! This has been an amazing adjustment that he has fully met.

The more I shared the story of Katie‘s cancer, the more I was told that she and her family would be prayed for. I accepted that statement each time and thanked the person offering it, including our wonderful church family here at Salem Lutheran. But honestly, I was angry at God. I’ve cried out at Him, not to Him, more times than not.

So, last night I decided to research the importance of group prayer in particular. Does it help? Why does it help? What are the benefits? Because I know if I stay stuck in anger (sadness), I will be of no use to my daughter, and I also understand this is another teachable mom moment. In looking for answers I found the encouragement I needed and regained the faith I’ve been raised with.

I googled: What is the importance and value of group prayer?
Answer: “Through our prayers especially with one another, we are demonstrating and validating the faith we have in Jesus. … It is through the discipline of prayer with one another that we develop a growing intimacy with God, and create a spiritual bond with one another. This is one of the most valuable aspects of praying with one another …

“Another great value of prayer meetings is that believers encourage one another to endure. All of us face obstacles, but by sharing and praying together as Christians, we often help others avoid bottoming out in their spiritual lives. The value of group prayer lies in its power to unify hearts. Praying before God on behalf of our brothers and sisters has the effect of linking one another spiritually. As we ‘carry each other‘s burdens,’ we ‘fulfill the law of Christ’ (Galatians 6:2). Where there is prayer, there is unity, which Jesus prayed so fervently for His followers to have (John 17:23).” (

This information has been a great help to me, and I hope in some way it encourages someone else who reads this and needs a collective hug themselves.

Thank you all for your support!

Toni Graham
Nursery Coordinator

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