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How I Grow

Today I will be willing to work toward transforming, knowing it’s always ongoing and forever.

My own transformation probably … NO, not probably, it absolutely … happens when I have such soul pain that I become willing to review and receive my thoughts honestly. That honesty is the key to greater success
in making long-term changes that bring peace through creating more room for God in my head! This helps in my transformation of the me I want to be!

How is this transformation working? Each day I “fall in love” with everyone I meet! It’s a pure, unselfish, giving love, living in peace of mind by building the foundation of being joyous and free through seeking God's truth and His grace!

Choosing His truth as my own takes continued work on my part. I am weak, but now I know it! I am grateful for my desire to surrender my will and for the gift of transformation. Where else could I … would I do for this life worth living?

I have fresh coffee this morning, along with a fresh chance to be the best version of me, seeking and living in His truth! This life is one worth living! May I freely share with others!

Toni Graham
Nursery Coordinator

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