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Staff Trax

Open Hands

Recently I discovered a powerful story while reading my daily devotional prayer book. The reflection highlighted the insight of a Roman Catholic missionary who spent 40 years serving with and among the people of Guatemala. During that time, the priest experienced many challenges, including death threats and financial struggles. Yet, through it all he remained happy, fulfilled, and generous in spirit.

You Have a Choice

Last Sunday we celebrated an amazing woman’s 97th birthday at the early service. Shirley Schrodt now lives in Independence, but always comes back to Salem to celebrate with her friends. She has touched so many of our lives, and we love the excuse to have flowers and treats for her special day! I wanted to share with you something amazing that happened behind the scenes that morning:

Jesus Loves the Little Children

I’m so excited to be able to return and see families and their children, but I really, really need your help!! This wonderful opportunity to care for and play with infants through 5-year-olds can’t happen until I have a regular rotation of helpers ages 14 and older. I’ll be happy to share my phone number through the church office or Pastor Jon If you have any questions about your responsibilities.…

Back to School…on Time

Most Johnson County kids go back to school next week. My youngest starts on Thursday, and my oldest goes back Friday. Hopefully starting school on Friday the 13th won’t be unlucky. You might remember Friday the 13th in March 2020, when the kids were supposed to go back to school for one more day before spring break was to start but instead did not return in person for about…