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My Gospel Playlist, Part 5

Hello! For this installment, I wanted to rush to the point and share with you all of the gospel songs that I enjoy. Please take time to listen to them, or perhaps add them to your personal listening list.

1. “Power Belongs to God” by Hezekiah Walker (
This selection is by Hezekiah Walker, who is a well-known name in the gospel music industry.

2. “Blessed Assurance” by Joe Pace (
This one is a new arrangement by H.B Charles Jr., Joe Pace, and the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church choir. It refreshes a hymn that can often be very played out.

3. “Hold On” by Michael Fletcher Chorale (
I am not familiar with the works of Michael Fletcher, but I do love this song very much!

4. “God Has Smiled on Me” by Rev. Milton Biggham (
This selection is one of my favorite songs! It is simple theology, with an uplifting message! At the church we attend, this song is sung every single Sunday during offering.

5. “It’s Working” by William Murphy (
William Murphy is a well- known pastor whose ministry has been extremely impactful through music. Enjoy!

6. “Angels” and “Angel’s Reprise” by Richard Smallwood (Angels: & Angels Reprise:
I believe that we have had some Richard Smallwood exposure already. However, I was unfamiliar with “Angels,” but acquainted with the reprise. The reprise is just good listening music. Enjoy!

7. “I Will Worship You” by LaShun Pace (
This song selection is by the powerhouse known as LaShun Pace. She is known for her song, “I Know I’ve Been Changed.” This song is a common church congregational hymn, but her voice has so much power, it can quickly rise above any congregation. This selection is a new song, which I do believe you will enjoy.

8. “He Looked Beyond My Faults” by LaShun Pace (
Quite awhile back, during communion I played this song from the National Baptist Hymnal, and I will never forget the looks many of you had on your faces. The tune used for the hymn is “Danny Boy,” but in the church I grew up, this hymn is more familiar. “He Looked Beyond My Faults” is the hymn’s name, and when I played it, it occurred to me the cultural differences. I hope this exposure will allow you to appreciate various perspectives musically.

9. “Nobody Like You Lord” by Maranda Curtis (
Confession — when I first heard this song, I did not like it! I heard it on the radio at least 10-15 times, and each time, I turned the station. But there was one time that I listen to it, and it clicked. This one quickly became one of my most listened. The hook that is used is so catchy and worth the wait of the lyrics. Those lyrics make me tear up every time: “Who wouldn’t serve a God like this?”

10. “Speak to My Heart” by Donnie McClurkin (
Donnie McClurkin is a well-known gospel artist and pastor.

11. “I Tried Him and I Know Him” by Maquinn Middleton and the Miracle Chorale (
This one is my absolute favorite! This is an arrangement of a song that was written by Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Hopefully you remember that name from previous songs, but this song is more of an anthem that always stirs up a worship service! If you don’t listen to anything else, please listen to this one!

12. “Everything Will Be Alright” by Rev. Clay Evans and the AARC Mass Choir (
Rev. Clay Evans changed the way churches think about ministry in Chicago. This legend was always pastoral, evangelistic, and musical. Dr. Evans recently passed away, but his ministry is still very active. This song has gotten me through so many difficult times! There is something comforting about knowing that everything will be alright!

I hope that these selections will carry you, guide you, help you worship, and lastly, encourage your heart.

Here is the link to the entire gospel playlist that I have composed for you all:

Be Blessed!
William Canady, Salem Organist

Salem’s organist has written a series of articles about his favorite gospel music for Staff Trax this year.

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