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Planting Seeds

This Sunday’s Gospel (Mark 4:26-34) talks about the kingdom of God being like spreading seed to one day rise and produce itself to harvest, and that the seed knows what to do, whether it be a grain to feed many or a shrub so birds can build nests.

Last week I went up to see my mom and family. My mom and I talked and got caught up with little things. We mostly went over a to-do list she needed done around the house. My mother has had some sad days and happy days, but is still adjusting. Words of encouragement are something I wanted to say, but I mostly listened, which is what I felt she just wanted someone to do.

My mom used to sit on the patio every morning, but she's been neglecting it the past few months. She said, "It's just not the same." Grieving is never easy. Saturday, I got some indoor things cleaned and things worked on and we went to evening church; it was a nice day. On Sunday, I got up early and started work on cleaning the patio, which needed some heavy attention. Her many flowerpots needed new flowers; she had purchased some but hadn't planted them. Her climbing rose bush had a tree growing in the middle and lots of weeds. Her shaded bush was overgrowing onto the patio. It looked pretty gloomy.

So, I started cleaning out the pots first, putting new potting soil and dirt so she could start planting her flowers. My mom came out with her coffee and saw what I was doing, so while I started on the rest of the patio, she started planting her many flowers. I pruned the rose bushes — getting plenty of cuts, pulling weeds, taking out the tree, and trimming the bushes back — and a couple of hours later the project was done. My mom had her patio back the way she liked it, and now can come out and enjoy tending to her flowers, rose bushes, and many other different flowers she has now. She was so happy, and so was I.

My mother called me the next day after I had I gotten back to Kansas City. She had gotten up early and sat on her patio with her coffee, something she had missed doing every day. She called to say thank you again, and how it has lifted her to not have to take care of her many new flowers and plants, and she could watch them grow.

The Gospel talks about many ways of growth, and most of when Jesus spoke were in parables., We learn from how we interpret each message. This parable I spoke of is part of everyone’s life at different stages of one’s life, but we continue to grow into something different, no matter the age.

Rob Garza
Salem Custodian and Digital Print Consultant at MEDiAHEAD

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