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My Gospel Playlist, Part 4

Hello, everyone! I want to take this opportunity not only to present to you three more songs in this series, but also to honor the lovely lady who helps us lift our voices and praises to God, our director of worship, Mrs. Heather Lewis. Myself, Sierra, and Matthew wish you a very happy birthday! We thank you so much for your presence and love each and every week! During this pandemic, we thank you for laboring day and night, ensuring that virtual worship was accessible for us to watch. With that, please enjoy these selections:

“God Will Take Care of You” by Edwin Hawkins and Arts Seminar Mass Choir (
This song selection has the same lyrics of the old hymn that shares its name. This is an Edwin Hawkins classic, and is one that you will enjoy!

“He’s Coming Back” by Edwin Hawkins and Arts Seminar Mass Choir (
I was introduced to this album through my mother. These songs were popular in church when she was growing up, and if I could find a character reference, I would say that Edwin Hawkins then can be compared to our Kirk Franklin now. They both seek to make gospel not just homogeneous, but evangelistic in nature. Edwin Hawkins has passed away, but his music still lives on very strong! Enjoy.

“I’ll Fly Away” by Hezekiah Walker and The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir (
Everyone knows the song, “I’ll Fly Away.” However, I was never a fan of the style of the song in its original version, but I enjoy this arrangement because I have heard it mostly at funerals, and it has always turned sobbing into celebration.

Here is the link to the entire gospel playlist that I have composed for you all:

Be Blessed!
William Canady, Salem Organist

Salem’s organist has written a series of articles about his favorite gospel music for Staff Trax this year. This is part 4 of 9.

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