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It's Springtime

It’s springtime! The winter seemed longer this year; I imagine it snowing last week didn't help either. The flowers and trees are blooming, lawns are being cut, and seeing people outdoors is always nice.

This week’s Gospel (John 15:1-8) is about taking care of the vine and its branches and keeping it healthy by pruning, removing dead branches so it can bear more fruit. It fits this time of year in so many ways on what we are starting to do outside and inside as more places are starting to open.

As we get out in our yards, we are raking, mowing, and removing the dead grass from winter. We are also pruning bushes, planting flowers, and doing some much-needed landscaping. For me, it also clears my mind on what I am so grateful for what I have — my family, friends, and neighbors.

I am always looking for new ways of meditating and praying to get me closer to the Lord, whether it be a book I found or a new podcast that I started listening to. I always talk to the Lord daily, thanking him for what I have, the safety of my family, friends, and ill ones that people let me know about.

The new growth I have now is certainly different than it was a year ago. I feel better, more relaxed, and I am always enjoying the people around me. I know I have to take care of myself through exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep. All of these help us grow and put us in the right state of mind.

I believe taking care of yourself and what's around you (literally and figuratively) is what we need to work on daily if we are wanting to grow. Growth can come from meeting new people, new clients, or even strangers we see at the park or alone on the path we all walk on.

The Lord has already blessed us at birth. So, as long as we listen, care for, and pray, the Lord will bless us with whatever we need to continue to grow. Love one another, help when we can, and always be grateful of what we have.

Rob Garza
Salem Custodian and Digital Print Consultant at MEDiAHEAD

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