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Being Fed

Sunday’s Gospel reading is the story is when the risen Christ appears to the disciples. It is shortly after he appears on the road to Emmaus, and breaks and blesses bread with those he met on the road. Then he vanishes and appears near 11 of the disciples and their companions.

At first, the disciples are frightened, feeling like they have seen a ghost. Jesus comforts them by having them feel that he is indeed flesh and bones and even shares a meal with them to prove he was resurrected and so they can see he is alive. After all, ghosts do not eat.

Jesus goes on to remind the disciples that his suffering and resurrection on the third day was written about “in the law of Moses, the prophets, and the psalms must be fulfilled.” Once again, he is reminding them of the prophecy he has fulfilled.

It is interesting to note that this story is only in the Book of Luke, and Luke does not tell us what happened afterward. Like a lot of the Bible, I am left to wonder what happened next. Did they believe him? Did they still doubt that he was real? In any case, the next verses are the ascension of Jesus into heaven, and the disciples continued to worship him and be joyful. And so ends the Book of Luke.

This intimate setting with the disciples feels reminiscent of other times Jesus sat around the table — the Last Supper, many of the disciples’ houses, with lepers, with Mary and Martha, the list goes on and on. Most of the time he is providing things to eat and telling others to eat. But this time he actually ate something, to prove he is alive.

Much like the disciples, worshipping in church or at home, reading your Bible, and spending time with God can leave you with a sense of joy. Being fed spiritually is as important as being fed with food. So don't forget to "be fed" every day.

Shari Van Baale
Communications Coordinator

Tags: Weekly Word