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Something Completely Different

This weekend is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. What a perfect time to reflect on what people thought as Jesus is riding into town hoping he will change everything. That he will restore the kingdom and free them from Roman rule. What a celebration that was.

Thinking back to those times when circumstances looked one way but turned out to be something entirely different: A year ago, we thought this was only going to be a couple of months and then everything would go back to normal, yet a year has passed and things are still not the same. Times have changed, friends, family, society has changed, and though I looked to the bright side of life, adjusting is a work in progress.

I venture out throughout the week and instead of checking to see if I have my wallet with me or keys, now I check to see if I have a mask with me. And instead of seeing smiling faces, you see everyone with masks on. It still is hard to accept, and I pray about it every day.

The time of Lent this year and not being able to gather has given me more time to pray and reflect. We all have more time to ourselves; we are all more careful of what we do, who we see, and where we go. This is what turned out to be something entirely different.

I am usually pretty good about writing and talking about life and what it throws at us, what we learn from it or try to learn from it, but it is constantly changing every day. This is a hard subject, to reflect on oneself during this season. I feel I ask more questions to God now. I know I pray more than I ever did. I do look for the good in people. And hope and pray for the safety of friends and family. Things will get better at some point; this is the patience we all have to learn.

This week the disciples thought the Messiah had come to reestablish the world. But God had something else in mind. Yes, this will be a week of sorrow, but it also will be one of joy to return to the life God offers to us. I hope everyone has a blessed week and a happy Easter.

Rob Garza
Salem Custodian and Digital Print Consultant at MEDiAHEAD

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