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My Gospel Playlist, Part 2

In addition to this month’s songs, I wanted to personally take some time to thank Pastor Cynthia for serving as Interim Pastor during this uniquely challenging time. Thank you for caring for and about myself and my family during this pandemic; I will never forget your kind and loving care. Lastly, as we celebrate the coming pastorate of Pastor Jon, we celebrate the work and focus that will always remain from Pastor Cynthia. Thank you.

For this month, I want to present to you one of the most prolific composers, arrangers, and musicians in the world of gospel music. There have been so many songs, artists, and hits that take their inspiration from this wonderful woman! Twinkie Clark is a solo artist, but she also was a part of a group called the Clark Sisters.

“A Mighty Fortress/I Tried Him” by Twinkie Clark (
This arrangement plays around with one of my favorite melodies that was written by the famous Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Twinkie Clark is a treasure! I have mostly only experienced Twinkie Clark’s music via a Hammond B-3 organ, so this was quite refreshing.

“The Anointing” by Twinkie Clark (
I recently discovered this song, and please let me tell you, it is an utter hit! I am unsure how she does it, but I am happy that she does. Enjoy this one.

“Shout (A Touch of B-3)” by Twinkie Clark (
For the most part, the world of organ has been dominated by more assessable organs, such as Hammonds or other types of organs. While the Hammond organ is a good imitation, its tonal qualities are in a class of their own. You cannot imitate a Hammond organ using a real pipe organ, and hopefully this song will help you understand the difference.

“The Righteous” by Twinkie Clark (
I recently found this one. I was unfamiliar with this album, but I enjoyed this song, too. It also features the Clark Brothers, which I assume is a group of men within the Clark family.

Be Blessed!
William Canady, Salem Organist

Salem’s organist has written a series of articles about his favorite gospel music for Staff Trax this year. This is part 2 of 9.

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