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My Gospel Playlist

Hello, Salem! I have served as your organist for a year and a half now, and I must confess it has been a learning curve with all the liturgy and new hymns that I have had the pleasure of learning. In consideration of that process, I have grown to love and appreciate liturgy, and the liturgical worship style.

As I thought about what I could write for this year, I wanted to share with you all the hymns and worship songs that I grew up with and even now listen to. So very often we fail to explore or rather expose ourselves to different styles of worship, and music in general for that matter. So, for this year, journey with me and explore the many gospel songs that have been an encouragement through the years.

Here is the link to gospel playlist that I have composed for you all:
If you do not have Apple Music, as best I can, here are the YouTube links:

“Thank You” by Walter Hawkins (
I want to introduce you to the great Walter Hawkins. Rev. Hawkins has been a pivotal voice in gospel music for a very long time. This song is one of my favorites to play because it is a pure worship anthem. As I think about 2020, this song always rang inside of my head, as the lyrics are so very true. Take some time, and enjoy the lyrics, as well.

“Be Grateful” by Walter Hawkins (
This song is one of my favorites! The first time I heard this song, it paused me. There was something about the chord structure that stirred my soul, and the way he composed the choir’s melody to slowly and elegantly sing those to two simple words, “be grateful.” Sometimes, when I find myself thinking about all that hasn’t gone well or worked out for me in life, I listen to this song, because truly, we should be grateful for both the good and bad that life throws us.

“What is This?” By Walter Hawkins (
What is this? I don’t think modern gospel artists can make a hook and melody like Walter Hawkins. Hands down, there is no comparison. This song isn’t a “shout” song, but a song that is easy to listen to. Enjoy.

Be Blessed!
William Canady, Salem Organist

Salem’s organist has written a series of articles about his favorite gospel music for Staff Trax this year. This is part 1 of 9.

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