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As I compose this Staff Trax, I have nothing about the organ that comes to mind, nor any Bible verse that the Lord has impressed on my heart. However, there is one word that I cannot shake, and that word has been “change.”

Salem family, this year has been a year of change, good and bad. My first year at Salem has been marked by change, and I know you feel this as well. Changes ranging from Pastor Dave's departure to other kingdom work, Rev. Cynthia’s interim ministry, to the pandemic and our move from the historical location to the new worship space, and various staff transitions. Let us recognize that these changes have been hard, yet a blessing in God's loving providence.

I must confess, it hurt leaving Salem’s location and leaving our pipes behind … I sat in the sanctuary and just looked up at the cross and the pipework and just felt the many decades of faithful worship. Change hurts, but change also facilitates growth.

I hold out hope about the change the future holds. As I celebrate my 25th year around the sun, I cannot help but reflect on the changes in my life —birth of my son, new job, a new way of life due to COVID-19, and many others …

Change … what a powerful six-letter word.

Be blessed.
William Canady, Salem Organist

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