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Staff Trax

Thanksgiving 2020

We are almost to the end of 2020, a season usually filled with joyful anticipation as the year ends with family and friends during the holidays. This year, however, will likely be spent by most alone — or at least celebrating with very few — at their homes. However the holidays are spent, this is certainly a year that we will remember always, finding us even more thankful than usual for what…

I Am Listening

One of the first things I learned when I began doing interim pastor ministry was that our first job is to listen.

  • Listen to the history of the congregation
  • Listen to the leaders of the congregation
  • Listen to those you visit in their homes, coffee shop, wherever you can hear their voices
  • Listen carefully, because during an interim people want to be heard


As I compose this Staff Trax, I have nothing about the organ that comes to mind, nor any Bible verse that the Lord has impressed on my heart. However, there is one word that I cannot shake, and that word has been “change.”

Salem family, this…

A Season of Celebration

In November, we celebrate Thanksgiving and the start of Advent. We also have had All Saints’ Day, the end of Daylight Savings Time (probably not something to celebrate, as our amount of daylight hours is reduced), and Election Day. Veterans Day is next week, and Christ the King Sunday is in a couple of weeks.

We have honored the saints who have gone before us and will honor veterans who…