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A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Word Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone

Transition. Adjust. Adapt. Continue. Repeat. That sums up the last 7 months for me, how about you?

Something that keeps me grounded is remembering stories of those who have gone before us, and the things in their lives they have endured. If my grandmother can send her husband off to World War II with a baby on the way, and raise my dad alone for 18 months, I think I can handle learning how…

Weekend Getaway, Zoom Style

I recently participated in a Zoom spiritual gathering this past weekend. It was supposed to be in Wichita. It would have been nice to meet new people, but it was still a great experience. Changing it to a Zoom gave people all over the world a chance to also attend, so there were people from Canada to London, as well as from Florida to California, and in between.

The gathering started…

All Are Invited

Can you imagine having a wedding reception and no one wanting to come? All of the food and drinks are prepared, but no guests have shown up. Would you just go out and invite whomever you saw?

That is what the king in this Sunday’s Gospel reading did. He gave a wedding banquet for his son, but no one would come. He first sent his slaves to bring those who had been invited, but they refused.…