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God is With Us

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
— Psalm 119:105

Last night we had our prayer service, and it began with a ritual for our graduates — high school and college students. Several of them Zoomed in for the service.

I think about these young people of our congregation and where they will walk in the days ahead, the challenges they will face in these changing times, and yet their faith will sustain them. Their paths may be different than they expected for the fall of next year and the directions of their vocations may be altered.

These are such strange days, usually days that we can take nothing for granted. Yet, I wanted to remind them and all of us that God is with us. God will walk with us in all our ventures. We have an Advocate in the Spirit of God that accompanies us each day.

As Salem Lutheran Church enters into new ventures, we need to know we walk not alone. God is with us because this is not our church; it is God’s church, and we are trusting in God’s guidance in this process. We have been given a mission and call to be faithful.

I know for many of you this is painful, but fear not, are Jesus’ words for all who follow him. We are to not be afraid. God is going to lead us in the pathways that we need to take.

So may God be a light unto your path this day, and always remember you are a child of God. Amen

In closing, I would like you to contact myself or the office if you would feel comfortable attending worship for an outdoor prayer worship service (no singing) in June. I am just looking for input, as nothing is planned right now.

Pastor Cynthia

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