Salem Lutheran Church


God’s Timing

Have you ever tried to make something happen, and no matter what you did or how long you struggled, it never worked out? Then later, under different circumstances, what you thought you wanted happened differently? I have heard so many stories of couples struggling to have a child, and when they finally adopted a child, they got pregnant. Maybe because the pressure was gone … or because they had opened their hearts to God’s timing.

Since long before I came, Salem has been dreaming of how we can adjust our buildings to follow our mission. We have wanted to update and expand our Sunday school classrooms, create open and welcoming space in the sanctuary, and provide areas that are accessible to all so we can connect with each other. I remember sadly leaving a meeting a few years ago, when we had discussed that it was certain we couldn’t afford to stay. Then I heard these words on the radio: “Don't you give up on a miracle! You've got to speak to the impossible …” (“Miracle” by Unspoken).

And then an opportunity arrived! With Narthex now handling updates to our buildings, we can focus on how we can use them to bring glory to God’s kingdom. As we prepare for new carpet in our beautiful sanctuary, we are finally able to open the area where the band plays. You will see our progress this week, as the awesome Dave cubed team (Bowen, Hellwege, Loya) has planned and worked tirelessly to remove the old choir loft wall, raise our area to one level, and open the path past the front pews.

I am so excited to see our space transform, as we live into our mission and future at Salem! Thank you, Lord, for your perfect timing.

In His love,
Heather Lewis
Director of Music and Worship

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