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Baby Love

The Nelson Dixons are excited to introduce you to Gilbert Dixon! He was born on March 8, 2019. He weighed 8 lb. 6 oz. and was 21 inches long.

The Nelson Dixon fam is doing well and settling into the new normal. Gilbert’s older sisters are over the moon about their little brother. We think he likes them, too, but rarely relaxes his brow when they’re around ... might be the decibel level! :)

We’ve been so blessed to know our Gilbert.

That’s what babies do for us ...

We lavish them with love — we lay it on thick. Kiss their sweet cheeks, tickle their tiny toes, hold them close, and whisper blessing over their lives. Watch them sleep and smile as they wake (no matter what time it is!). Nuzzle their nose, laugh at their wiggles, speak their baby language, and have wordless conversations.

We love them deeply.

In loving our babies deeply, they’re actually teaching us. Our babies, and the love we have for them, give us a glimpse of the love God has for us. All-consuming. Never-ending. Unconditional. Lavished upon. And we are celebrated. Sung over. Rejoiced in. Adored.

In loving our precious gift, we are given even more — the chance to love and be loved, to taste and see how the Lord loves, and to offer such love in return. That love changes our lives forever — which makes the long nights and all the worrying more than worth it.

So thank you, little Gilbert, I can’t wait to get to know you even more! You are so loved!

Emily Nelson Dixon
Director of Teen Ministries and Outreach

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