Salem Lutheran Church


Choose to Be a Blessing

This Sunday we’ll hear Jesus encourage those who are poor and hungry, telling them they will be blessed and satisfied. He then goes on to warn those who are rich and full, that they may not receive those comforts later. (Luke 6:20-26) It’s a great time to focus on love, humility, and compassion, don’t you think?

Before Jesus speaks, Luke writes about how power goes out of Him when He touches those in need of healing. Yet how much more powerful and healing were the words He spoke that day (and many others) to those who had never before considered that they were worthy of blessing?

As always, Jesus is giving us an example of how to live as a blessing to others. Consider every person as someone worthy and in need of care: look them in the eye and smile. Hold the door for those behind you. Take a moment to connect. Choose to be a blessing.

In Christ’s love,
Heather Lewis
Director of Music and Worship

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