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You Make a Difference

One of the things I love about our current times is that people feel empowered to make a real difference for others. Generations ago, we relied on large organizations to help those in need, but now the power of one person’s idea can create a tidal wave of kindness and giving. This time of year, with the cold of winter and holiday generosity, we really start to focus on being champions of peace and charity.

Yesterday I saw an article about one person’s idea to provide the needs of homeless people on the street. After personally asking them, he ordered socks, shoes, etc. online, with delivery instructions like “give to the man sitting outside the door, his name is Jake.” As wonderful as that was, my favorite part was watching the video he took from a distance. The delivery people came up to Jake and others, asked their names, shook their hands, and let them know they were cared for.

John the Baptist had a tough job: he was to tell the people they were not doing what God intended. In this week’s scripture (Luke 3:7-18) his followers ask what they should do, and he tells them, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” Sometimes I wonder if anyone came back and shared with John himself, to give him a break from his locusts and camel-hair clothes!

You can make a difference today in someone’s life. Take the time to talk to someone in need — it may be your neighbor who needs a shoulder to lean on, or a child walking home from school without a coat. Every small deed can make a huge impact — consider yourself empowered!

In Christ’s love,
Heather Lewis
Director of Music and Worship

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