Salem Lutheran Church


Comfort on All Saints Day

I have several dear friends who have lost loved ones in the last few weeks: two are grieving their mothers, and one is a widow at age 47. I scrambled to do what I could to console them, but words are hard to come by with such loss.

I tend to go from my own experience when trying to ease grief, and my greatest comfort when I lost my dad was the memories people shared of how he touched their lives. I look through old pictures, send fun stories, offer comforting music, and try to be there as a shoulder to lean on. I also put a note in my calendar to send condolences a few months later, when grief is still there but the cards are no longer coming (thank you to Jill Whetter for this lovely gesture).

This Sunday we will honor the saints we have lost in the last year, as well as those newly baptized. You are welcome to light a candle, say a prayer, and feel their presence as we comfort each other. I look forward to sharing our joys and dividing our sorrows as a church family, together.

Heather Lewis
Director of Music and Worship

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