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Go climb a tree

When I was a kid I was a tree climber. I loved the challenge of the climb, but especially the peace and seclusion of being in the tree. When we moved away from the house with my favorite tree to an apartment in Germany, we climbed the cherry trees in the orchard next to us and gorged on the fruit. Anytime we went apple picking I never even considered any of the long poles – I was in the trees munching! I still find myself judging a tree based on its climb-ability. It’s almost as if they call to me to at least hop up on their lower branches.

I now live in a house with lots of trees, but most are pruned way too high to climb, sigh! We finally put a big swing in one of our front trees, and it immediately became the meeting place for the neighborhood kids. They swing as they wait for the bus, and jump on it before they take their backpacks off in the afternoon. Our grass has suffered for it, but our kids love it, and even Mom can take a book out and swing lazily within its branches.

As spring finally arrives this year, think about what brought you joy as a kid. Make time for it as an adult – or some adaptation of it. Fly a kite, have a picnic, walk barefoot, ride a bike – and invite your friends. May the beauty of spring awaken in you the delight of nature and adventure of youth.

Heather Lewis
Director of Worship and Music

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