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Let's eat!

I’ve been given a gift this school year, as my youngest began 1st grade: the gift of time to connect with people during the day. For the first time in 14 years, my day isn’t split in half with children coming to/from half-day preschool or kindergarten. In other words, I am free for lunch!! It’s a wonderful excuse to reconnect with people I care about and make new friendships closer.

Jesus understood the significance of sharing a meal together. He defied the social laws of his time to eat with those deemed unworthy, and fed thousands with one boy’s lunch. Although food is something we need to survive, eating together encourages relationships — and Jesus intentionally uses food to connect with others in His ministry.

In this week’s scripture, the resurrected Jesus appears to his startled disciples and asks them if they have anything to eat. In all of His glory He shows them his humanity, and also His love for them as friends by eating with them. And He invites each of us to His table every time we gather in His name — whether or not we consider ourselves worthy.

I hope you feel His arms around you as you take communion with your church family. Take a moment at the rail or in the pew to feel the warmth of your blessings. Then go and have a meal with those you care for during the week, and be a blessing to each other.

Heather Lewis
Director of Worship and Music

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