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​They Knew He Was Coming

I have to admit, I’m pretty familiar with this week’s scripture because I’ve read it to my kids out of the big Spark Bible they were given at age 3. Otherwise it’s not really one of the big stories — when Jesus is consecrated at the temple as a baby— but I assume it’s included in the children’s Bible since it’s one of the rare stories of Jesus as a child. And really, it’s the first big sign that Jesus is who the angels said He was: Mary and Joseph take Him to the temple, and two separate Godly people publicly identify Him as the salvation of Jerusalem.

We’ve been talking about being ready (or not) during Advent, and in this scripture are two people who have been ready for many years. Simeon and Anna were absolutely certain they would see the Messiah, even in their old age, and when they do they aren’t quiet about it!

Do you ever put yourself in these stories, wondering who you identify with and if you’d react the same way? It’s comforting for me to relate to Jesus as a loving adult, but I’m guessing that kids like to see Him in scriptures as a baby. As parents, we may consider why it says Mary and Joseph “marveled at what was said about Him” — we wonder, how could they be surprised? Maybe they thought only those who had spoken with angels knew God’s plan? And how about Anna? She was only married 7 years and became a widow, spending the rest of her days in constant prayer in the temple.

Is there something for which you’ve prayed for many years and still you wait? Maybe this story encourages you to trust in God’s perfect timing. Is there something you’ve been told will happen but aren’t quite convinced it’s the truth? Trust in God’s goodness and mercy. Are you unsure what to do next? Look to the scriptures for guidance, and look for the miracles in the new year — they will be there.

Heather Lewis
Director of Worship & Music

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