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Dear Salem Family,

In Adult Sunday School this past Sunday we talked about service and the needs right around us. As we discussed service, we discussed what we can do for others. Then we began to talk about what we’re doing with others. Part of service is being in relationship with others and not always doing things for them, but developing a relationship with them. As we distribute bags at Pantry Pack, we are not only providing a need for food, but we are talking with them and getting to know them and their families. When we serve lunch at Children’s Memorial we are providing food as well as conversation. And that might be the only conversation they have that week. People just want to be known and seen as a human being, not someone who needs a handout.

We then began to discuss that we are able to do more when we’re all connected. When we work with others and collaborate we can do even more. We have so many communities right near us that we can work with to do even more to serve the needs around us. We continued that conversation in Adult Sunday School and then God has a funny way of showing us that He knows best.

This week after having that conversation in Adult Sunday School, I had a friend of ours from the Islamic community ask if he could help us at Pantry Pack this week. After attending dinner here a month ago, he wanted to get involved and volunteer. I had a local gardener contact me and asked if he could donate 50 lbs. of excess fresh sweet potatoes. We’ll get to give those out with our Thanksgiving box distribution. Holy Cross has collaborated with us this year to provide food for the Thanksgiving boxes, and they will be packing with us this week as well.

We have been able to do so much more because we work together and we’ve built relationship with each other. This has helped us to build relationships with those we serve as well. I encourage you this week to see how you can collaborate with others to serve better. Listen to what God might be up to within you; what is He calling you to be as we serve others?

In Christ’s love,
Meghan Harmison
Director of Adult Ministries and Outreach

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