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Simply Worship – coming January 8 at 9:15am

Our new service at 9:15am Sunday mornings will offer a more intimate, less structured way to worship. You won’t be told when to stand or sit, but to do so as you are comfortable. We will offer personal, spontaneous prayer and new ways to connect scripture to our everyday lives.

Simply Worship is meant to be a less complex, more personal…

A New Roommate

Merry Christmas! “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Now I love this text, but it doesn’t seem very “Chritmassy,” does it. Where is baby Jesus, where are Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the manger… In the Gospel of John, you will not find any mention of baby Jesus, or Marry, or Joseph, or the shepherds. And, yet, the Gospel story…

What's Christmas Really All About?

Most of the time, when I see a friend or greet someone, the typical greeting is usually “Hi, how are you?” To which the typical response is “Fine,” or “I am doing well.” But I noticed recently that this time of year our typical greeting changes. Abut a week ago I noticed this typical greeting change to “Hi! So, are you ready for Christmas?” To which the typical response…

Weekly Word

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I pray you have had a blessed Advent season.

As I have been preparing for Christmas, I came across a sermon given by Martin Luther on Christmas Eve, 1521. In his sermon, he said, “In this manner Christ takes to himself our birth and absorbs it in his birth; he presents us with his birth so that we become pure and new in it, as if it were our…

What's in a Name?

Grace and peace to you from God, our Creator and Sustainer, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit that abides in each of us.

When you hear this Gospel text today, you can’t help but think of Christmas, right. Oh, I know, technically, we are still in the Season of Advent. Technically, we are supposed to be in “wait” mode. You know preparing ourselves for Christ’s coming,…

Weekly Word

Dear Salem Family,

I am blessed to work with many different people and many different ministries as a part of my work here at Salem. I get to work with families, individuals, service and outreach groups and other organizations. It is something different every day and I love being able to work with this community.

In staff meeting this week, we discussed the Christmas Sunday reading…

The Hope and Promise of Joy in Christ

Last week, we read about John the Baptist and he was confident, bold, and compelling wasn’t he? Remember how he had the courage and audacity to call the religious leaders a “Brood of Vipers?” Remember how he challenged every one to repent? And now today, only a few months later in the story, John’s tune changes. Now, he is sitting alone in a dark and dreary cell and he questions…

Weekly Word

Hey Salem Community-

This past weekend our middle school students participated in our annual confirmation retreat. We headed outside of the city to Tall Oaks Conference Center in DeSoto in collaboration with Holy Cross Lutheran Church. The goal for our time together was building stronger relationships with each other and God. This year, we focused on the topic of personal…

Weekly Word

Dear Salem family,

Advent is here! Our first Sunday in Advent was filled with the energy of visitors and two sweet babies being baptized in the late service, advent candle lightings, happy Thanksgiving hugs, and new music encouraging us to invite Jesus into our world.

I love how the music of Advent talks about what is coming: O Come O Come Emmanuel, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus,…