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Core Values


1. Core value: Christ‐Centered

Description: Through the promises of baptism as a named child of God, we hold Jesus Christ as the foundation and center for our identity as individuals and as a community. We seek to affirm our identity and strive toward the lifelong goal of becoming more and more Christ‐like through practices of word and service, always seeking to bear witness to one another and the world as Christ.

How you see this demonstrated: Baptism, Sunday school for all ages, confirmation programming, adult learning activities; VBS; women's Bible study; weekly Bible study with pastor

Notes: Includes Discipleship; includes Spiritual Growth

2. Core value: Community and Fellowship

Description: We form and nurture relationships of friendship and mutual support for one another within our faith community.

How you see this demonstrated: coffee fellowship after worship; Fellowship of the Vine/Stein; Men's Monthly Breakfast; Dinner 4 Eight; etc.; hang nights for middle‐ and high‐school students

Notes: Includes Relationships

3. Core value: Diversity and Inclusivity

Description: We welcome, embrace, and celebrate the diverse identities of people as part of God's creation; each person is created by God and precious in God's sight as they are because of their identity including age, culture, economic status, political affiliation, ethnicity, family structure, gender identity, physical and mental ability, race, and sexual orientation; we value all of God's children because these characteristics are what make us unique and valuable in God's sight. We see you and we celebrate all of you as a child of God.

How you see this demonstrated: Salem's status as an RIC congregation; Salem's welcome statement; KC Pride Fest table. Open and Affirming is a particular phrase used by UCC and other churches.

Notes: Includes Dignity; includes Celebrating Diversity; includes Respect; includes Open and Affirming

4. Core value: Evangelism

Description: Seeking to live out the Great Commission to "Go and make disciples of all the nations," we joyfully share the good news of God's love and faithfulness in proclamation, worship, and service

How you see this demonstrated: Salem social media accounts; livestreaming worship services; occasional advertising around Christmas and Easter; feather banners; word‐of‐mouth invitations

Notes: Includes Invitational

5. Core value: Faithful

Description: We are committed to honoring the promises of God and the witness of the Christian tradition to God throughout the precedeing centuries

How you see this demonstrated: membership in the ELCA; use of Lutheran liturgy; regular confession of faith in the Apostles' Creed

Notes: Includes Tradition

6. Core value: Generosity and Stewardship

Description: We proclaim our faith when we invite others to participate in that faith with us through supporting the mission and ministry of Salem in leadership, in ministry participation, and with financial support. We gladly share these gifts which have been entrusted to us and to our care.

How you see this demonstrated: volunteering time and leadership; individual financial offerings; benevolence to Hollis; benevolence gifts to the synod and ELCA; respect and care for rented and/or owned properties; Christmas in July/October;

Notes: includes Leadership of All; includes Participation

7. Core value: Hospitality

Description: We are ever mindful of the Jesus' words that, "whenever you did this for the least among you, you did it for me." For this reason, we welcome all people to share in our community, to join with us in worship and fellowship, and to join us in serving the least among us.

How you see this demonstrated: Coffee hour between services; Gathering Table; nursery care


8. Core value: Service

Description: Mindful of the calls for justice and mercy, we are responsive to the immediate needs for others and extend our service and care to those in the Salem community as well as the people in our local community and around the world.

How you see this demonstrated: Good Faith Network, Gathering Table, Pantry Pack, Project 1020, MLM, similar ministries || Items in the Salem Community that have a direct and immediate action.

Notes: Includes Justice and Mercy

9. Core value: Spirit‐Led

Description: Guided by the movement of the Holy Spirit, we are open to exploring new and various ways in which God is calling us, in which God encounters us in the world, and in which we proclaim and demonstrate our faithfulness to God.

How you see this demonstrated: multiple worship services with different styles; variety of ministry and service opportunities

Notes: Includes Adaptable

10. Core value: Worship and Music

Description: Our worship services invite us to bring our full selves to participate in the praise and recognition of God's role in our lives and how God wants to use us in the world. We join together extending grace to one another as we navigate the full experiences of the sacraments together using a liturgical foundation across traditional, praise, and contemporary formats. We strive to include a variety of liturgical actions that include multiple music components with singing, dancing, various instrumentation, adult and youth choirs.

How you see this demonstrated: Sunday morning worship; adult choir; children's choir; children's summer musical

Notes: includes Authenticity; includes Relaxed

11. Core value: Youth and Family

Description: We seek to provide various activities that support making connections and relationships within and outside of peer groups. We are intentional that activities may take place any day of the week and we desire to reach all ages.

How you see this demonstrated: Children's Christmas program; hang nights for middle‐ and high‐school students